LSRV has little trouble in dispatching Dubois, 66-28 |

LSRV has little trouble in dispatching Dubois, 66-28

Joshua Gordon

The Little Snake River Valley School's six-man varsity football team's latest opponent turned out to be just another notch in the Rattlers' win column.

LSRV, the state's defending state champions, and Dubois High School battled for the first time Saturday in Dubois, Wyo., with the team from Baggs winning easily, 66-28. The win puts LSRV 2-0 early in the season.

"Everyone played extremely well in a big game," LSRV head coach Mike Bates said. "Our offense came out a little flat in the first quarter, but our defense knew it was a big game and they shut down everything they saw."

The Rams (1-1) made the switch from an 11-man squad last season to a six-man team this year in Wyoming's 1A division.

Bates knew Dubois would bring an option attack, something teams in Wyoming rarely see.

However, Bates said his defense played the "best game I have ever seen" by disrupting DuBois in all facets.

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"Whether they ran or passed, we took care of it and it kept them off balance," he said. "They scored one touchdown on a fluke play and another two touchdowns against our junior varsity defense, so we did what we came to do."

Jacob Ready led the Rattlers defensively, recording 22 tackles and an interception.

Miles Englehart had 17 tackles, Cole Gourlay had 16 tackles and Daniel Wille added two interceptions to shut down the Rams.

"By the time (Dubois) started running the option against us, all the guys recognized it and knew it was coming because we planned all week," Bates said. "It was a team effort the entire game and they played a great, tough game."

Bates said before the contest he expected the Rams to take to the air if the ground game wasn't effective.

But, a play by Wille sent a message that moving the ball via the pass wouldn't be easy, either.

"Dubois was driving with a couple of quick slant passes, but Dan saw what they were doing," Bates said. "He knew when they set up they would try it again, so he broke the route and made an interception."

While the LSRV offense got off to a slow start, Bates said by the end of the first quarter things were starting to click.

Wille ran for a team-leading 214 yards while Manuel Quinteros ran for another 107 yards.

The receiving duo of Englehart and Rex Stanley added 110 yards and 75 yards, respectively.

In his second game as starting quarterback, Zach Filip went 13 for 16 with three passing touchdowns.

"On the first drive, I think I was doing too much finesse and Zach didn't think his blocking was good," Bates said. "But, on the second drive, we lined up and smashed it and they were ready to go."

The victory over Dubois gives the Rattlers a Wyoming-best 12 straight wins.

Bates said the preparation his team used for Dubois would be a blueprint for the rest of the season.

"Dubois was a new team and brought a new style of play," he said. "We prepared very well and watched film and had good discussion heading up to the game.

"We have another target on our back with the 12 straight victories, so we have to keep showing up to games prepared to go."

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Results from the Little Snake River Valley School’s six-man varsity football game Saturday at Dubois High School in Dubois, Wyo.:


• LSRV (2-0) — 66

• Dubois (1-1) — 28

LSRV leading offensive players:

• Daniel Wille — 214 yards rushing

• Manuel Quinteros — 107 yards rushing

• Miles Englehart — 110 yards receiving

• Rex Stanley — 75 yards receiving

LSRV leading defensive players:

• Jacob Ready — 22 tackles, 1 INT

• Miles Austin — 17 tackles

• Cole Gourlay — 16 tackles

• Daniel Wille — 2 INTs

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