LSRV boys, girls hoops keep up winning streaks |

LSRV boys, girls hoops keep up winning streaks

Results …

Little Snake River Valley basketball results

Boys varsity

Date Opponent Score

Jan. 27 Big Piney 86-37W

Jan. 28 Encampment 61-35W

Feb. 3 St. Stephens 67-34W

— Overall record, Three Trails Conference record: 17-0, 4-0

Girls varsity

Date Opponent Score

Jan. 27 Big Piney 61-16W

Jan. 28 Encampment 40-26W

— Overall record, Three Trails Conference record: 17-0, 4-0

With most of the season behind them, the boys and girls varsity basketball teams of Little Snake River Valley are ready to embark on the next level of play.

Both the Baggs, Wyo., squads have an overall record of 17-0 and a 4-0 record in the Three Trails Conference following a string of victories in the last week.

Baggs boys stomp St. StephensBaggs boys stomp St. Stephens

Baggs boys stomp St. Stephens

The most recent of the Rattlers' match-ups was a Friday night game with the St. Stephens Eagles, where the boys of LSRV came out on top, 67-34.

Junior Conner Lee led scoring with 18 points, followed by seniors Miles Englehart, 16, and Daniel Wille, 12. However, Coach Paul Prestrud said the Rattlers' attack against St. Stephens's offense was their strongest asset of the night.

"Our defense did really well, and we had a lot of turnovers," he said. "We beat St. Stephens at state last year, and they don't have their big center anymore. We had some people scouting us from other teams, so were able to pull it back a little."

The non-conference game comes on the heels of a Jan. 27 meeting with the Big Piney Punchers, also a non-conference game, and the Encampment Tigers.

The boys chopped down Big Piney with a formidable 86-37 triumph, which included six out of an attempted seven three-point shots by Daniel Wille.

"Our shooting was just amazing in that game," Prestrud said.

The win against Encampment the next day, while not nearly as much of a blowout, came to 61-35. The Rattlers will face the Tigers again in the final regular season game, the last of a series of four conference games.

The team's last non-conference game takes place today in Manila, Utah.

"They seem like they're a lot tougher this year, and they've got some big kids, so it should be a good, competitive game," Prestrud said.

Girls trounce Big Piney, EncampmentGirls trounce Big Piney, Encampment

Girls trounce Big Piney, Encampment

Coach Jodi Stanley has less information about what to expect as she takes her own team to Manila, but if the game turns out anything like her most recent ones, she has little to worry about.

In their own game against Big Piney, the female Rattlers slaughtered the opposition, 61-16.

"They had a really young team, mostly freshman," Stanley said. "They just collapsed after the first quarter because they couldn't handle us."

Stanley said her team struggled slightly in driving up the score while playing Encampment, a game which they won, 40-26. Fortunately, the Rattlers refused to let the Tigers put in too many points of their own.

"Morgan Wille played great pressuring them without fouling," Stanley said. "It was like she was putting on a clinic."

Stanley said she is looking forward to playing Encampment again, following conference games with Cokeville, Farson-Eden and Hanna-Elk Mountain, all of whom the Rattlers have beaten once before this season.

"The first time teams play us, I think we surprise them with our pressure," she said. "Playing them a second time, I think we'll have to keep up our speed and the half-court offense will be important."

Preparing for post-season

With 34 overall wins and four conference wins between the two of them this season, both Prestrud and Stanley are already anticipating regionals and the road to the Wyoming 1A state tournament. Neither team is an absolute lock yet, but the top three in the conference have a guaranteed spot for the regional competition.

"We'd like to go in as the No. 1 sede again this year, and that'll definitely happen if we win all these games coming up," Stanley said.

The Baggs girls came up short in last year's state tournament after winning the 1A West regional competition. Stanley said expects stiff competition in the coming weeks.

"We'll be playing against some of the best coaches in the state so I'm anxious to see what they have planned to counteract our pressure," she said.

Conversely, the boys claimed the state championship last year. With a few differences in the roster, Prestrud said he believes his team can bring about a repeat.

"Miles Englehart has made a great transformation going to the middle this year, and I think we've got two of the best point guards in the state," he said. "All our starters and the younger guys have done great."

Prestrud said he has given a "no ifs ands or buts" talk to his players to get them refocused for the crucial games ahead.

"Right now, we just want some competitive games to challenge us and to finish our conference games and regionals undefeated," he said. "Our defense will be the thing to win it. We can score well, but we've got to be able to stop them, too."

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