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Louis A. Hahn: Responding to Salazar

To the editor:

In response to the $75,000-plus for projects at the Craig-Moffat County Airport, U.S. Congressman John Salazar comments about this were:

"As a pilot, I am proud to have supported this effort and I will continue to support projects like this, projects that will improve our infrastructure and strengthen our economy."

I am a local resident, but not a pilot. I am very much in support of this project. And, if I was a pilot, I would want the airports I used in as good of shape as they could be.

I wish John Salazar would have been a coalminer or an oil-well derrick hand. Maybe then he would be more supportive of those projects.

They also strengthen the economy, benefit the community and improve our infrastructure.

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Louis A. Hahn

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