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Lorna Tunks: Bullying is disrespectful

To the editor:

It was recently called to my attention, again, that my 15-year-old Autistic daughter is being bullied at school.

It used to be name-calling, taunting, making fun of her, having her lick the frozen school wall, etc., but now it's a blatant, "I don't like you," bringing her dog food to eat, or having the "retard" ask the popular high school boys out.

I thank God for my daughter. She has the ability to be polite. She says thank you, no thank you and please. She has never bullied anyone. There is a plus for Autism.

And, for the disrespectful, inconsiderate, so-called normal children who bully: if you were mine, you would have picked yourself off the ground.

It's called the old school, where we learn at home that we don't ever treat anyone that way.

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So, you tell me, what's normal?

Lorna Tunks

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