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Lois Wymore: ‘Were they thinking?’

To the editor:

I don't know what the Moffat County commissioners were thinking when they made the decision not to reappoint Missy Bonaker to The Memorial Hospital Board.

Actually, I wondered if they were thinking at all. Did they assume we were all asleep and wouldn't notice?

To date, their public comments and lack of them are nearly as callous as the decision. They certainly weren't thinking about the value of a volunteer or really inspiring others to serve.

They didn't even have the courtesy to let her know their decision before a reporter's phone call. And, they were well aware of Bonaker's commitment, her thousands of hours of time, as well as her passion for TMH and understanding of the mission.

It leads to some questions.

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Why would you want to shake up a board that functioned extremely well for at least the last eight years? Well enough to have built a state-of-the-art medical facility for the community?

How does the new board with five members connected to ranching translate to a good reflection of the demographics of this county with all but one having no more than two years of history serving the board?

Replacing the woman for a man? And the questions go on and on. Making some of us wonder about all the other county boards? Why? What's the real agenda? How are these appointments connected to what's good for the whole county?

It is all very tacky and unbecoming behavior for elected public officials.

Lois Wymore

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