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Lois Wymore: Moffat County Dems support Prop. 103

To the editor:

The Moffat County School District's funding for the 2011-12 school year was cut by $730,000.

We are not alone. All state funds for education were cut trying to balance the deficit in the state's budget. The projections for the next few years are more cuts.

Our school district is better off than some others because we have some money in reserve. However, down the road, if the state revenues are low and the way of distributing funds remains the same, cuts will continue and Moffat County schools will ultimately have to sacrifice.

We realize the current ballot initiative is simply a temporary band-aid and we do strongly encourage ideas to support public education for the long term.

Education should not be held hostage to the mercy of the highs and lows of state revenue, restraints from constitutional amendments, along with a convoluted disbursement formula or totally dependent on property owners.

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Citizens and the community own this valuable asset, and they have a responsibility to continually strive to keep our schools financially sound. This proposition will certainly help in the short term. In the long term, now is the time for everyone to put those ideas on paper and share them with community leaders, school board members and state elected officials.

The Moffat County Democrats support Proposition 103 and ask you to vote yes.

Lois Wymore

Moffat County Democrats

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