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Lois Wymore & Jane Yazzie: Coffee party soldiers on

To the editor:

Several of us who were able to attend some of the Coffee Party meetings started by Jim Blevins would like to say how much we appreciated him.

It is hard to grasp his sudden absence.

His intelligence, insight on many subjects, and speaking from a well-thought-out position were all his effort to understand complex issues rather than avoid or complain about them, and to invite others to do the same.

When participants left a Coffee Party meeting, there was something Mr. Blevins had pointed out or asked or summarized that urged us to continue thinking about the issues discussed.

He was one of the rare individuals who cared to study and think and adjust based on more information and points of view.

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Some issues discussed were the hard-to-assess health care reform plans; alternative energies and the transmission lines and infrastructures still not available to them; media slants or incomplete coverage; concerns regarding affordable or even available foods if our county or town went off grid or lost power and the need, therefore, for more local gardens and storage freezers with emergency power; reservoir water storage; whether regulations can be positive supports for progress; and ways to study and support a changing coal industry.

We each came at various times because we were, like Mr. Blevins, part of those silent citizens interested in joint inquiry into complex but important public concerns.

As the Craig Daily Press recently noted, Coffee Party meetings will continue at noon on the third Saturday of each month at Serendipity.

Lois Wymore

Jane Yazzie

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