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Lois J. Stoffle: Disappointed with handling

To the editor:

As a subscriber to the newspaper, I am truly disappointed in the handling of the reporting of the accident involving Carla Steele and Joshua Ward. I was not acquainted with either person, but I think the articles printed were judgmental. The word "suspected" is used in a condemning fashion in your reporting of the incident. I thought everyone was considered innocent until proven guilty. "Suspected" does not mean "guilty of" until it is a proven fact.

The article about Steele spoke of her value as a person to the community and to her family, a truly genuine lady. I'm sure that the article will be of some comfort to them.

But, I am sure that the young man had a family, also. He was someone's son, grandson, perhaps uncle, etc., and they should be shown sympathy and understanding also. Not just a line that said that he passed away.

Thank you for allowing me my say.

Lois J. Stoffle

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