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Local organization, business donate to improve MCHS audio

Joshua Gordon

In the season of giving, Jackson's Office Supply and Moffat County Youth Basketball gave back to the community.

In 2010, the two donated more than $11,000 to enhance the audio equipment at the Moffat County High School gymnasium.

"(Moffat County Youth Basketball) had extra money and we decided to put it back into the program," said Shane Camilletti, a Moffat County Youth Basketball board member. "We figured the (high) school would be a good place to start."

Moffat County Youth Basketball donated $7,200 in the last two years for the new equipment. Jackson's donated about $4,000 in labor.

Camilletti said all the speakers were replaced because they were a big problem during basketball games.

"The sound system was pretty poor, lately," he said. "The whole community is up there on game day and we thought a good sound system would be helpful for everyone."

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MCHS Athletic Director Richard Wildenhaus said the new system was a welcome addition to the school.

"We had a pretty old system that wasn't up to par the past few years," he said. "The two groups took it upon themselves to donate the time and equipment, and now it is 1,000 times better."

Wildenhaus said a lot of the equipment was from many decades of sound systems, and the new wiring and speakers improved the audio quality significantly.

"The students and fans can actually hear the PA announcer and the music," he said. "The old system was getting so bad that we weren't able to hold pep rallies in the gym or announce games effectively.

"The kids can really tell a difference, and that is great."

Moffat County Youth Basketball uses the MCHS gymnasium for a basketball tournament, Wildenhaus said, which led the organization to seeing the need for a better game experience.

Without the help of Jackson's and Moffat County Youth Basketball, Wildenhaus said the system probably wouldn't have been replaced any time soon.

"It would have been hard for the school to fix all the problems without their help," he said. "We are grateful for them stepping up and it is just another example of the community support our school receives."

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