Little Feet Fun Track Meet nets big turnout in Craig |

Little Feet Fun Track Meet nets big turnout in Craig

Joshua Gordon

Dalton Greenwood performs the long jump Saturday during the Little Feet Fun Track Meet at Moffat County High School. The event featured young athletes learning an assortment of track and field events.

Rain and sleet were no match for the determination of local youth Saturday as more than 70 young athletes participated in track and field events at Moffat County High School.

Athletes from the first to fourth grades ran, jumped and threw as students from the MCHS track team helped teach them fundamentals of the sport.

In the running events, the children got to run a 100-meter dash and jump hurdles.

"I liked the 100-meter run because I like sprinting," 12-year-old Bekah Bird said. "I'm not good at distance, but I'm pretty fast in short runs."

The high jump and long jump were used to introduce children to field events.

Seth White, 7, said he enjoyed high jump and running, as he anchored the end of his relay team Saturday.

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"I liked high jump, one because it was hard and I like hard stuff, and two because it's fun," he said.

The athletes also got to throw rubber indoor shot puts, and Frisbees in place of the discus.

MCHS track coaches Lance Scranton, Todd Trapp and Jennifer Pressgrove ran the event, and hope to host more in the future.

"We would like to do one in the summer and one in the fall and then again in the spring," Scranton said.

The event raised money for the high school's track and field program.

Trapp said Saturday's event served a monetary purpose, and introduced youths to the sport early.

"We were trying to come up with different fundraisers," said Trapp, adding that he'd heard of other schools that hosted similar events, "and we figured we could spread the word and get kids excited about track and field."

That mission was accomplished with at least one athlete who participated Saturday.

Emily White, 11, said she is excited to participate in field events when she gets older.

"My dad did track and my mom did field events," Emily said, "so it's in my blood."

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