Linda Taylor: I do, now pass the remote |

Linda Taylor: I do, now pass the remote

Linda Taylor, Pastor, Maybell Community Bible Church

As I sit with my husband watching television, I'm thinking surely there is something better to watch.

All of the sudden the television becomes silent, and my husband does, too. I realize he's fallen asleep, and then he wakes up long enough to mute the television before nodding off again.

Now I'm watching a show I'm not interested in as I try to read their lips. Frustrated, I start looking for the remote, and I see it's resting under his hand.

I start to wonder how I can get the remote out from under his hand without him knowing. I start to make a plan: maybe if I inch the remote slowly out of his hand he won't wake up. Then I remember: I've tried that before and it never works.

There's got to be something different I haven't tried before. Maybe if I scream he'll jump, and I can grab the remote unnoticed.

Of course, that's it. Victory.

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Then, when he looks at me with complete shock, I could say, "Why honey, what's the matter?" I could always say, "Why honey, you must have been dreaming," or maybe, "It was someone on the television," knowing he would not remember muting it earlier.

How many of you think he would buy that? I know, but it was an idea.

I think back on the many weddings I've done and the promise to love each other. Here are some of the words I read during the ceremony:

Now there is no darkness for one is light to the other.

Now there is always shelter, always warmth, always comfort.

Two hearts, two lives, one love forever.

As you present your rings to each other reminding you they are circles of love, which is given back again and again. As you give your vows it is at this moment that you pledge your love, friendship, strength and support to each other and a kiss that will seal two hearts together, one love forever.

I should add one remote forever.

We seem to promise our love for each other until it's remote time, then I want to watch what I like and he wants to watch what he likes. I believe we need to get away from television and talk to each other like when we first date.

I don't know very many people who went on a date to watch television. That comes later, so let's get back to when all you were interested in was each other, not what the other one is watching on television.

I Corinthians 13:8 says, Love never fails.

I Corinthians 13:13 says, And now abide faith, hope, love these three: but the greatest of these is love.

As Easter approaches, remember love started at the cross (John 3:16), your love for each other started with a wedding vow, sealing it with a kiss. Tonight, instead of seeing who gets the remote first, look at each other with love sealing it with a kiss.

God bless everyone.

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