Library’s ‘reading camps’ start Monday |

Library’s ‘reading camps’ start Monday

Youth needed to register for summer clubs

Ryan Sheridan

Librarians of Moffat County of are looking to sign up readers of all ages for their summer book clubs, which help children enjoy reading while mixing in some educational presentations and activities. Prizes will be awarded to the youth when they reach reading goals throughout the six-week program. The “Camp Read-For-Fun 2001!” programs begin June 18.

“These programs are a cooperative effort between the Maybell, Craig and Dinosaur branches, with a lot of people pitching in to help,” said Bonnie Thompson, youth services coordinator for the Craig library. “Along with the reading, there will be activities or crafts or both each week. The programs are not just to encourage reading, we like the kids to learn about this area, some social skills, and continue some of the lessons from the school year.”

The first week’s them is “All about Bears!” which will feature a presentation by Gail Petch. The theme of the second week is “Colorado Chorale: Coyotes and Wolves” with Ann Franklin. The event on the is a program by Mike Albee called “Black Feet, Six Feet, and None,” which is about ferrets and ants and will feature a worm race. Pete Bergmann will host “Star Gazing: Connect the Dots.”

There will be no program on the week of the Fourth of July.

The final week is the week of July 23. Each branch will host a camp party, which will have activities and prizes and awards.

Each library branch will host these programs at 2 p.m. on different days of the week. Maybell’s program is on Tuesdays, Craig’s is on Wednesdays and Dinosaur’s is on Thursdays.

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“These programs are designed to supplement the readings and teachings. They’re a lot of fun, they help the kids be creative, and help kids with skills besides reading; writing for one,” Thompson said.

The only requirement to participate is that youth be able to read. Pre-readers can be read to by their parents and siblings, with the time or books read recorded like the other readers.

The program is completed in steps, which are made up of three books or 30 minutes of reading.

Every four steps, a reader is eligible to “fish” in the prize pond for several kinds of awards, so every 12 books or two hours of reading garners a prize.

There is also an adult and young adult summer reading program that features weekly drawings. The adult and young adult readers simply write down what books they’ve read each week, and drop that slip into the drawing box. The people selected each week can win gift certificates to On the Shelf bookstore in Craig.

“These programs exist because of several local sponsors and people who volunteer to help us put it together,” Thompson said. “This year’s camp theme has lots of kids excited.”
To register:
To enter the “Camp Read-For-Fun 2001!” summer program, go to any of the Moffat County libraries. Registration is ongoing. Program volunteers are also needed.

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