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Letter to the Editor: Trash an eyesore

To the editor:

I really don't care much about what my neighbors' yards look like or if they have a lot of what I might perceive as junk, but the bags and piles of trash setting outside a older trailer house on North Yampa Avenue is really starting to gross me out. This is one of the ways people come to Craig, and I can't imagine seeing it would leave a positive impression.

North Yampa is not the most picturesque area of Craig with all the warehouses, scrap car lots and odd houses mixed with trailers from the '70s and many reminders of the past, but adding massive piles that looks like a dumpster was turned upside down does not help the aesthetics of the neighborhood.

My best guess is someone was evicted and their belongings were set outside, which is sad. I did see two ladies going through the stuff shortly after it was parked at the side of the road. My next guess is they are long gone.

I understand landlords are forced to kick people out, but who's going to clean it the mess? The property owner should but it has been there going on two weeks and every day it gets more scattered by animals. It is a state highway. Should CDOT or how about the city? And why should either be responsible? Maybe some group might want to take it on, although it's not really a beauty project it certainly would tone down the ugly some. I'm really sick of looking at it and would be willing to help clean up — anybody else?

Lois Wymore

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