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Letter to the Editor: Let all kids play

To the editor:

Being fans of Moffat County Sports, we attend games every now and then to show our support for the kids. We know it's still early in the season so we might be jumping the gun a little bit by saying this, but we feel it needs to be said. We have noticed at a few of the games that we have attended so far this year that the same kids are sitting on the bench or standing on the sidelines during the games. We don't see how they can feel like they are part of the team if they are either sitting on a bench or standing on a sideline hoping to play. That makes a lot of parents angry, not to mention the kids.

These kids were picked by the coaches, too. We feel they deserve a chance to play just like everyone else on the team. We're sure they work just as hard at practice as their teammates do. So, coaches, please remember it takes a whole team to win a game and not just a selected few.

Richard and Liz Arquette

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