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Letter to Editor: Deer cause problems

On June 29, our 7-pound toy poodle was viciously attacked by a deer.

She was seriously injured. We have always kept our dogs home, licensed and vaccinated. We pay our taxes and obey the law. To have a deer come onto our property and attack our dog is outrageous. She never even barked.

Our grandchildren were there. What if it was one of them? We don't feel we should have to have an electric fence or a Pyrenese to protect our dog and grandchildren.

This is a serious ongoing problem.

Ask Kathy Harkner about her Sharpei that was killed by a buck, or the couple on Washington Street whose dog was killed by a doe in their backyards.

Our neighbor chased a doe off with a shovel attacking a dog in the street. There are a lot of attacks. How soon is it before it is a child playing in their yard, riding their bike, or walking to school?

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Sure, the deer are pretty and cool to watch. They are wild animals and are not afraid of humans. Something needs to be done.

For those of you who enjoy the deer, what if it was your dog, child or grandchild being attacked? Is it going to take a serious human injury for something to be done? The city then will be sued and us the taxpayers will foot the bill. If any of you would have seen the deer attack our poodle (she's not much bigger than a squirrel) you would agree with us.

The deer need to be removed before they multiply even more. Don't let any more dogs or a child be attacked, killed or maimed. Get rid of the deer. Do we bill the city or the Division of Wildlife for our vet bill?

The deer are not welcome on our property.

Brad and Lorrie Butler

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