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Letter: Thanks for your support

To the editor:

We would like to thank the fans, family and students for the support you have shown the varsity basketball team and especially Andy this season.

Thanks for all the concern and support many of you showed Andy after the heartbreaking Steamboat game when he was not allowed to play the fourth quarter of his final game. In answer to your questions and to set the record straight, Andy did nothing wrong that night.

He did not foul out nor was he disrespectful or benched for any reason.

He was not allowed to play because he wasn't part of the coach's game plan, the coach wanted to play the underclassmen. Andy begged to play and knew he could make a difference, but wasn't allowed to go in the fourth quarter.

Coach Hamilton's recent comments and verbal barbs in Friday's article were hurtful to Andy. He made it seem like Andy did nothing all season when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

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Andy has been one of the best players all season. He was high scorer numerous times and his record speaks for itself. Andy focused on the game and gave his all.

He played with a total ACL tear and sacrificed his promising senior year of football to save his knee for basketball. He endured pain and months of therapy so he could play strong for his team.

Andy was chosen by league officials to receive the Sportsmanship Award. A special thank you to Coach Hayden, Coach Loughran and Rich Sadvar for your support, you are appreciated. And thanks to McDonalds for acknowledgement of Andy and his award.

The senior players set a solid foundation and were a driving force behind the team, but their contributions to the team have been overlooked.

Dave, Chris, Amanda and Andy Browning

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