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Letter: Dinosaur is a jewel of Moffat County

To the editor:

In response to Moffat County Tourism Association Board member and Bedrock Depot owner Leona Hemmerich's letter published in Friday's Craig Daily Press, I'd like to say we're truly disappointed when any member doesn't see value to Chamber membership, but especially a business located in what we consider to be one of the jewels of Moffat County.

I wish everyone Chamber staff has sent to Dinosaur and Bedrock Depot (which has the best homemade ice cream) mentioned they'd been referred by the Chamber, but unfortunately most people just don't think to pass that on.

Luckily for Bedrock Depot and all member businesses, we can track many businesses referrals. The Bedrock Depot, for example, had 171trackable referrals in 2011. Any member business interested in obtaining this information is always welcome to contact the Chamber.

The Chamber, which is a nonprofit organization, not a private business, has a mission to build a strong economic environment that contributes to business and community success, and everything done by our five staff members and 12 board members shows unwavering support of that mission.

Every action the Chamber takes, program it sponsors, and service it provides speaks directly to that mission.

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The Chamber is funded through membership investment and fundraisers we perform.

In her reference to funding through taxes, Leona is citing the Moffat County Visitor Center. The Chamber, tourism association, city and county partner to fund the Visitor Center and a line item accounting of how those funds are used has been provided to funding partners. A Chamber representative attends nearly every MCTA meeting and is always available to answer questions.

The Chamber/Visitor Center has informally served as the Dinosaur Chamber for many years, and is listed as the contact for more information in several websites and publications.

Because we believe so completely Dinosaur is such an asset to Moffat County, we will continue to fill this important role. We appreciate the support from Chamber members who make this possible.

Working together, we can help the Bedrock Depot and other Moffat County businesses grow.

Thank you.

Christina Oxley

Executive director, Craig Chamber of Commerce

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