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Lecture in Craig teaches how to instill happiness in everyday life

Joshua Gordon

Cammi Montieth

Craig resident Cammi Montieth, a certified traditional naturopath, said she likes to help people any way she can.

"I have a passion to help people," she said. "I became a doctor because I see the need to help."

That purpose in life was the basis of her two-hour lecture titled "Happyology 101" on Thursday night at Colorado Northwestern Community College, in which she laid out a plan for women to be happy every day "for no reason."

Montieth, who owns Elite Wellness Center in Steamboat Springs, started the lecture with two simple things written on the board: a personal quote and five rules.

"My goal is to encourage," she had written.

The rules weren't run-of-the-mill.

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"The two most important are probably play full out and be sexy," Montieth said.

Play full out was instituted to get those in attendance up and involved, she said. Be sexy, on the other hand, had a more underlying meaning.

"It just means that you shouldn't be afraid to make mistakes," Montieth stressed to the 10 women in attendance Thursday. "When you make a mistake, you are just being sexy."

As Montieth continued through her lecture, she said being happy is easy when you have a reason.

"But why not all the time?" she said. "What can you do so that you don't need a reason behind being happy?"

The lecture was broken up into three parts — the physical, chemical and emotional contributors to being content.

During the physical component, Montieth had two women stand at the front of the class and dance as the others followed their lead. The exercise was designed to show how endorphins, or "happy hormones," are raised through movement and help improve one's mood.

The physical components consisted of 10 easy and free ways to relax and be happy, including sleep, laughter and not worrying.

"Of the 10 physical components, you should try and do one every day," Montieth said.

The body, according to Montieth, is like a gas tank.

As the day progresses, women move toward empty. If they can eat the right nutrients, be content and do some of the physical components, like taking a five-minute walk, they can move it back toward full, she said.

Rita Updike, of Craig, said Montieth did an "awesome" job in the way she explained the topics.

"I am pretty much a happy person," she said. "It is reassuring to come to things like this and see that women can do things to stay happy."

Updike said she loves to do anything positive and invited her friend Anngie Sparks to go with her.

"Her reason for why women struggle to be happy are true," Sparks said. "And they do it just for the sake of being happy."

This lecture served as a study group for Montieth's second book, "Happyology," that covers the same basic components as the lecture, she said.

Her first book, "Get Real," is about helping women regain their self-confidence.

"Happyology" is due out in the fall of 2010.

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