Lawrence Sober: Impeach the president |

Lawrence Sober: Impeach the president

To the editor:

This is in support of the letter submitted by Rosemary Potter to impeach the president.

I would hope that people start to pay more attention to what President Barack Obama does and less to what he says.

This is the first president in our history who has sided with a foreign government against the U.S. In the case against Arizona, he is working with the president of Mexico and against the state of Arizona.

When sworn into office, the president took an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution. He has gone on record to be more in favor of changing the Constitution than he has to defend it. Note the two Supreme Court justices that were appointed by Obama.

He used backdoor deals and threats to get Obama Care passed.

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Deals were made with the states of Nebraska and Louisiana to get them to support the health care bill, A bill that taxpayers still do not know what is in it. Remember, the senators who voted for it were told to pass it and read it later. It is now more than 10,000 pages long.

Here is a president who has sealed all of his personal records and still has people wondering if he is a natural born citizen of the U.S. People who attended class at Columbia University have stated that they have not found one person who knew Obama when he was a student there. He has no picture in the yearbook.

He is now trying to pass the U.S./Mexico Totalization Treaty, which will pay Social Security to illegal immigrants that worked in this country. At the same time, U.S. citizens and taxpayers are being told that they will not get Social Security even though they have been forced to pay into it all of their working lives. This treaty will also make these payments to illegal immigrants retroactive by lowering benefits paid to U.S. citizens now on Social Security who cannot even get COLA.

When the government takes over private companies, it is called socialism. If your small business fails, will Barney Frank and the federal government give you stimulus money to keep you in business? This nation is deeper in debt than ever before and we continue to borrow money from foreign governments.

Obama's law license was inactivated in 2002. Michelle's license was inactivated by court order, but no reasons have been given for either one.

According to the U.S. Census, there is only one Barack Obama, but 27 Social Security numbers and more than 80 aliases.

Barack Obama uses a Social Security card that originated in Connecticut, where he is never reported to have lived.

There is a reason all of his records are sealed.

Lawrence Sober

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