Lawrence Sober: ‘At war with Islam’ |

Lawrence Sober: ‘At war with Islam’

To the editor:

We are at war with Islam, yet people try to downplay this fact.

If the New York City mosque is truly protected by religious freedom, then why does it have to be built exactly in this location? A violation of their religious freedom would not allow a mosque to be built anywhere.

We just had another failed attack by a Muslim? The last couple of attacks were near misses because the people who attempted these attacks were incompetent.

The sworn enemies of the United States are already in this country in part because we have not protected our borders. And, our enemies do not fear this country or respect it. When a known terrorist has 294 charges against him dropped and he will only serve seven years in jail, we are sending the wrong message.

The current administration does not even allow them to be called what they are. No references to Islam are allowed and you cannot get a straight answer as to what the mission of Jihad is. Their mission is to rid the world of infidels.

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Then you get someone to write to the editor who is concerned about the demonization of Islam? A person who talks about wars without any real knowledge of war. The only way a person can have any knowledge of war is to be in one. This same person speaks of non-violence and hate crimes, and then talks about taking up arms against oil companies that want to do testing for oil in this area.

Nostradamus has made more than 1,000 predictions, 500 of which came true. Many of the others have just not happened yet. He also predicted the 27-year war, which is what is going on now. He said that it will escalate into the war of all wars. A world war against Muslims that will last for 10 years. Many European countries are warning us not to allow Muslims to do the same things that they have done in other parts of the world.

The peaceful majority of Muslims are the silent majority. Peace loving Muslims have been made irrelevant by their silence.

Because of that, the ones who are supporting Jihad are training their young to kill and become suicide bombers.

Lawrence Sober

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