Lawrence L. Sobe: Haiti devastation |

Lawrence L. Sobe: Haiti devastation

To the editor:

The earthquake in Haiti has the attention of the whole world. It is truly a tragedy, and yet the American people are only being told of the devastation and loss of life.

The government of Haiti is openly one of the most corrupt governments in the world.

Before the tragedy that has occurred, poverty was widespread and there was no law and order established there.

Citizens of Port-au-Prince had to lock themselves in their homes at night because of the street thugs and criminals.

Americans are the most compassionate people in the world, a fact that our enemies use against us on a regular basis. We need to insure that the money going into Haiti is used for the people who need it the most. The best way to help those people is to help them rebuild their own country. Bringing them to the U.S. will not help them, or U.S. taxpayers.

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We put demands on the government of other nations to extend civil rights to their citizens. We must hold the Haitian government accountable for the civil rights there.

They need to protect people from street criminals. There is a need to establish institutions to continue to aid those people after volunteers leave.

We cannot let their government steal from their own people, and we cannot let the government be the only ones who benefit from the aid they now are getting.

Lawrence L. Sobe

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