Law enforcement targeting DUI offenses |

Law enforcement targeting DUI offenses

Daily Press Staff

As part of the Colorado State Patrol's strategic action plan, Capt. Richard Munroe said CSP is working with the Craig Police Department and Moffat County Sheriff's Office to reduce fatal and injury accidents by drivers who are impaired by drugs or alcohol.

"You'll see a lot more collaborative efforts between ourselves and the sheriff department and Police Department to apprehend those drivers before they crash," Munroe said.

This weekend was no exception, as law enforcement was patrolling, aware of the Craig Kiwanis Club Play on Friday and Saturday nights.

"We're not against drinking. … As a law enforcement agency, the only thing I discourage is the driving part afterwards," Munroe said.

During the weekend, CSP had one driving under the influence offense, while the Police Department had two and the Sheriff's Office had none.

Munroe reported no injury or fatal crashes this weekend.

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CSP and the Sheriff's Office maintained typical staffing for the weekend, but the Police Department had one additional officer on duty.

Lt. K.C. Hume, of the Sheriff's Office, said deputies were aware of the event and kept that in mind while patrolling but did not change their course of action.

"We don't alter our patrol areas or our expectations," Hume said.

Munroe said the goal is to keep motorists safe.

"The object is not to arrest anyone. The object is to deter anyone from driving (after drinking)," Munroe said. "It's a choice. They make it."

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