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Law Enforcement

Police issued a warning to Gary Abeyta, 36, for speeding at 3rd Street and West Victory Way.
Police warned Sherinda Keadle, 35, for a tail light that was out at the 900 block of East Victory Way.
Police warned Cynthia Sorenson, 41, for speeding at 9th Street and Finley Lane.
Police warned Ramie Hill, 39, for speeding at the 600 block of Finely Lane.
Police warned Parker Moore, 17, for speeding at the 900 block of Finley Lane.
Police warned Max Blackwell, 51, for a rolling stop at the corner of 6th and Ranney Street.
Police assisted the ambulance crew at 577 Taylor St., with a 69-year-old female having chest pains.
Police warned Paul Perez, 32, for speeding at the 400 block of School Street.
Police warned Tiffany Riposki, 18, for a stop sign violation at 774 Texas St.
Police warned Jackie Lee Harris, 41, for a faulty taillight at West Victory Way.

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