Latest Blee search fruitless |

Latest Blee search fruitless

Tyler Baskfield

Another fruitless search was conducted Saturday for the body of Marie Blee.

The Craig Daily Press did not attend because of stipulations imposed by the Moffat County Sheriff’s Department.

Three different areas close to Hayden were searched by dogs, members of the Marie Blee Task Force and volunteers. Members of the media were invited to attend as long as they followed two stipulations: That no photos were taken of the search sites and that the locations were not disclosed to the public.

The media was only allowed to take photos as the task force left for the search, or if Moffat County Sheriff’s Investigator Chuck Warner looked at the photos and gave permission for them to be printed.

The Daily Press was not willing to follow these stipulations. It is against Daily Press policy to cover a story when stipulations limit what can be printed.

Moffat County Undersheriff Jerry Hoberg said that the stipulations were imposed to protect the investigation.

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“We did this so that the people responsible (for Blee’s disappearance) don’t know the locations that we are searching,” said Hoberg.

“There are basically three suspects out there that we have interviewed and think that are involved in the disappearance. We don’t want them to know exactly what we’re doing,” Hoberg added.

When asked if there was a possibility the volunteers could leak the location of the search, Hoberg said “yes,” even though the task force asked them to not disclose the location.

“They could give it out, it could be out already.”

Nothing pertaining to the 20-year-old missing persons case was found during the search, said Hoberg.

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