Larry and Sharon Pletcher: Vote for Byron Willems |

Larry and Sharon Pletcher: Vote for Byron Willems

To the editor:

We support Byron Willems for Craig City Council for the following reasons:

Byron Willems has proven his devotion to Craig by his service on the fire department for 23 years and his service on the fire district board for 10 years, including a term as president.

He was reared in a longtime family business and is owner of a successful business himself. He knows the needs of our community and has worked hard to make it a better place.

He is a proven leader. He is devoted to our community. He understands budgets and management. He is conservative with our taxes. He is deeply involved in serving our community.

He is determined to take a stand on issues.

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When the issue of marijuana came before the city council, Byron's vote was the only one cast against allowing it in Craig.

Byron sponsored the social host ordinance, which narrowly passed city council.

Grand Futures states that this ordinance has helped reduce underage drinking.

Byron Willems has a proven determination to work for the betterment of Craig. We urge everyone to consider voting for Byron Willems for city council.

Larry and Sharon Pletcher

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