Lance Scranton: Static in our lives |

Lance Scranton: Static in our lives

Lance Scranton

I'm old enough to remember how much care I had to take with my music because if I scratched the record, or the tape got caught up in the play-head, or the needle got damaged, or I left a cassette in the sun too long, the music was ruined.

But, like today, I could still listen to the radio.

The only problem with the radio was that sometimes there was interference or the signal was weak, or I wasn't tuned in correctly — but it always resulted in the same static sound that hampered my enjoyment of the music.

Now that I'm older and I listen to music on a device or a computer, it isn't static so much as the Internet connection that can cause the problem. But, I think that people are kind of the same way because all of us have people in our lives who can be like static on a radio station or a slow Internet connection.

Radio stations send out a really strong signal, but when we get too far away from the source or aren't tuned in correctly, we inevitably hear the static. It isn't that we are doing anything wrong or that we have a faulty radio and when we pick up a clear signal, the static goes away and we can hear clearly again.

Sometimes when we are working hard to realize a dream or build an opportunity, the same thing can happen. We begin to hear the static of other people telling us we can't do it, or we're not good enough, or that we are wrong, or not capable.

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But, static can help us to adjust some things and fine-tune what we are trying to do. Other times, we just have to deal with the static because we know it will go away or we'll just have to live with it. All of us deal with static in our lives, and I hope we don't allow it to interfere too much with our hopes and dreams.

Now if I could just find a reliable, fast Internet connection!

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