Knowledge Bowl team finishes second in state |
Christina M. Currie

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Knowledge Bowl team finishes second in state

They never saw the teams they competed against, but they beat them anyway.

The Craig Intermediate School Knowledge Master team placed second in the state during a late-March competition. The 11 members participated from the comfort of their own classroom.

It’s a home-field advantage that every team had.

The contest operated via classroom computers to allow students the chance to compete in a large academic event without the expense of traveling.

Answering questions from a CD and calling in the results allowed a team to see how it ranks in the state, nation and world.

In answering 80 of 100 questions correctly, the CIS team ranks second in the state and 328 out of 423 schools.

Their ranking was quite a step up from a January competition that put them seventh out of 10.

“We were pretty excited,” advisor Mary Blakeman said.

Sixth-grader Amy Whilden joined the team with a friend this year.

Her friend left, but Amy became addicted to the lessons she learned, the fun she had and the new friends she made.

Students on the team were Whilden, Chris Copeland, Kristen Aumiller, Krista Shaffer, Ashley Gonzalez, Brian Davidson, Dus-tin Carlson, Cody Rogers, Casey Mad-sen, Shayna Grammer and Cass-ie Anderson.

The team scored highest on questions about current events and health and psychology, and lowest on physical science.

“We pretty much look to see what areas they missed and work to strengthen those,” Blakeman said.