Kevin Oxley: Building now |

Kevin Oxley: Building now

Kevin Oxley sits in the living room of his Victorian-style home on the 1500 block of Yampa Avenue. Oxley is a manager of TLC Carpet One and has lived in Craig most of his life.

"I was born and raised in Craig. My dad's owned our company for about 35 years. I went to school at CSU and graduated in business and commercial real estate, and I figured I had a good family business to come back to, so here I am doing that.

"I've been working for TLC since I was 13. I installed carpets in the summers from when I was 13 up until about 18. I got stuck in the office, but I've been doing that work ever since. I became manager about when I graduated from college in 2007. I'm boss No. 2 there. My dad will be top dog until I have to tell him to take his medication and go home.

"I'm getting ready to get married in July to Christina Currie. She has two beautiful, young children, and I'm helping take care of them and keep them going.

"I'm a hockey player, and I have been since I was 5 years old. I play on the men's hockey team, the Red Dogs. I'm also a Kiwanian. We just got finished with our annual play this year. I think it was pretty successful. We raised a bunch of money for the kids, and we had a good time doing it, too. I also play competitive softball, semi-competitive volleyball, pretty much any sport I can get my hands on.

"In college, I was hoping to play some sports, but at CSU, it was too expensive to play hockey. It was $1,000 just to try out for the team. It took too much time from school, too.

"My house was a meth house and it was condemned for two years before I bought it at an auction. Chris and I have remodeled it. We bought it in January of 2009, and we had construction here pretty much full-time, had to do plumbing, electrical, all the sheetrock, almost the entire subfloor. It was basically rebuilding the entire house to make it livable. I literally spent the first two weeks scraping up cat crap and spraying it down to get the smell out. It was awful.

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"We were going to flip the house originally. We were living in Shadow Mountain, and I don't know what happened, but we talked about it and we decided; we're making it the way we want it so we might as well move in. That was a huge project.

"Real estate is my thing, and I'd like to like to get more into it. I just need to build up some more cash flow. I planned on getting a Realtor's license, but I've been too busy with everything else. I'd rather just dabble in buying and selling and renting, anyway.

"With the economy, we did pretty well through the end of the year. January and February were kind of slow, but the market picked up again, and I don't see it dropping off, so it's back to business as usual. People always need floors, whether it be carpet or tile or hardwood.

"I'd like to say my dad is getting close to retirement, but I think that's quite a few years off, still. That's kind of a good thing for me, it takes some pressure off.

"I had options in construction management and in real estate coming out of school. But I like living close to my family, and I love the town of Craig. I was actually really worried coming back about how I would find a partner. Really, that was a big thing for me. But Craig has been good to me. Everything we did on the house, we did locally, and everybody treated us great. I've known most of the major businesses in town my entire life, and my dad's been friends with the majority of them for the same period.

"Commercial real estate is where I plan on making my living at some point in time, and how that's going to happen, I don't know yet, but there's always stuff out there."

— Interview by Andy Bockelman


Manager of TLC Carpet One Floor & Home for three years

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