Kerrie Clarke: Please be aware |

Kerrie Clarke: Please be aware

To the editor:

This is to the people who live in Moffat County.

Please be aware that a company has sent us a letter asking our permission to do a 3-D seismic survey on our property to locate gas and/or oil. We live on Thompson Hill, only a stone's throw away from the Yampa River.

I spoke with a representative from this company regarding this matter and he stated that if the company locates any resources, one of four companies that own the mineral rights underneath our home can then come in and drill despite the protests of us, the homeowners and despite of what the drilling and fracturing of rock with the use of horribly toxic chemicals will do to our underground water supply.

To add insult to injury, since most of us do not own the mineral rights, there will be no financial compensation for the abuse of our land and neighborhoods. I made it very clear what I would do to anybody from their company that took one step onto our property, without one ounce of fear since we have nothing to lose.

Despite any financial compensation, if they pollute our water and lands, we will have nothing left like so many towns across America are now experiencing from this very practice.

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They are now ghost towns. Please be aware of the consequences from these companies.

Kerrie Clarke

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