Kerrie Clarke: A bad 1st impression |

Kerrie Clarke: A bad 1st impression

To the editor:

Upon re-registering my son back into Moffat County High School last week, I was shocked at the very first impression I had when we walked in the front doors.

There was an enclosed corridor that a visitor must walk through to the front office and then you must present a driver's license to make a nametag.

Wow, talk about a negative message from the moment you step inside. It truly felt like we were entering a penitentiary instead of a high school.

When I asked why all the security, we were told all the schools are doing it.

Wrong, not true.

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I have walked into two very well respected high schools and neither had such a stifling, negative entrance. Instead, their entrances were huge, light and beautiful.

Our entrance screams to the visitor the principal lives in fear and wants total control of the kids creating a very unhealthy message just by walking in the doors.

Yikes, not a message to send to the kids or visitors. Turning our high school into a prison for fear of violence is about as healthy as giving kids good grades for mediocre performances and for graduating kids for the sake of numbers.

Once again, this part of school is a total misrepresentation of what the kids will experience in a college or university. It shows zero faith in students and truly needs to be changed.

It is public high school, not a military institution or prison.

Kerrie Clarke

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