Kenneth Rice: High gas prices? |

Kenneth Rice: High gas prices?

To the editor:

When the price of oil is down, why are gas prices going up? No refinery has been hit by a hurricane, sales at the pump are down, people are cutting down or back on purchases. It should be a surplus, and prices are going down. It seems we are also higher in Craig. Hayden is 19 cents cheaper. Steamboat is 25 cents cheaper depending on location. Quite a range for a 50-mile radius.

It used to be fuel prices changed by the pennies, now it changes a dime at a time. Is it lack of competition, price fixing or just plain manipulation of the stock market in the futures market?

The last time gas prices went up, the economy fell.

Also, the last time there were rumors of an investigation into high prices, they dropped 15 cents overnight and continued to drop. Maybe we need that now. Don't blame the transport driver. He's paid by the hour or the load. Why when one station goes up they all go up even if they have not received a newer, higher-priced load? Seems if one could stay lower, business would be good. Whatever happened to cut rate stations and gas wars?

Price fixing? Greed? Lack of competition?

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Kenneth Rice

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