Ken Rice: Deer solutions exist |

Ken Rice: Deer solutions exist

To the editor:

I have been following the letters to the editor on deer.

Personally, I like seeing the deer in town. If a car has to slow down for a deer, it might save a child's life. A lot of people say they want them gone at all cost, but have offered no suggestions other than killing them.

Here are some suggestions:

Stop planting vegetation the deer like.

Colorado is an open range state, so if you don't want them in, fence them out. A 6- or 7-foot fence should work at your cost.

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Establish food plots outside city limits with a water source.

Have the Colorado Division of Wildlife provide noise devices like they do for county residents that have deer issues.

For those few deer that are giving all deer a bad rep, have the DOW issue the complaining party paint guns to mark the deer so those deer can be removed. Changing the color of the paint periodically would prevent individuals from abusing this source and just shooting deer to get rid of them.

Any animal, just as humans, that is harassed or threatened by humans or dogs will turn aggressive for protection of their young.

We being the intelligent beings should be able to come up with solutions that do not involve killing them, and we need to be thankful that they aren't bears, mountain lions, coyotes or wolves that are predators.

If this issue continues to be debated, it could easily lead to being a political issue or dividing the town. We sure do not need more politics or expense to taxpayers at this time.

Ken Rice

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