Keeping up with the kids |

Keeping up with the kids

Lois Wymore

Brenda Gutierrez always knew she was going to be a mother. She just never visualized herself as a sports mom.

“I thought it was good for kids to be involved, but I never knew how much time I’d spend taking them to practice and then games,” she said. “And it’s just started for me.”

Gutierrez’s oldest son, Brody, is a first-grader and has tried about every program Parks and Recreation has offered for his age group.

Her youngest son, Brant, was born in October. In November, the running began. The family juggled hockey and pee wee wrestling practice twice a week for each sport. Then the games and matches started.

“We have been on the go for weeks,” she said.

She said the hardest thing was finding time to fix dinner.

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“I forgot how to cook, and what we do have is quick and easy,” she said. “Macaroni and cheese is Brody’s favorite food.”

She said Youth Hockey is finished now, and there is one more tournament for wrestling. Then she gets a break for a few weeks.

She expects the baby will be just as active.

“He’s used to going –I think he’ll try to keep up with his brother,” she said.

Gutierrez said she wasn’t sure whether her sons would play baseball, which starts before school is out.

“He (Brody) hasn’t mentioned it,” she said, “but he was sure about soccer again this year.”

Gutierrez said they moved back to Craig about 15 months ago.

“My husband grew up here, and we just like it here better,” she said.

She said they tried Grand Junc-tion and the Castle Rock area.Although plenty of youth recreation programs were available, they were not affordable.

“I think I’ll be chauffeuring and shuttling kids to games for the next few years,” she said.

“Then it will be to motocross, probably snowboarding and, I’ll bet, to race cars.”

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