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Katie Grobe: Everyone should answer the call to help others

By Katie Grobe, Director of Yampa Valley Pregnancy Center

Every moment comes at us and leaves.

We can't go back and try again. In these moments, there are opportunities for us to help and support others, but we do have the choice to do nothing or to tear them down, as well.

Which option is most frequent for you?

I have found that my choice selection is entirely driven by how I feel.

Am I sick today? Do I have way too much on my plate? Have I had a really rough go of it recently?

Most of those lead me to the "do nothing" approach, but I have also had my moments of "tearing down."

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I fear that I do not help and support nearly as often as I should, and I need to remember that those are the moments for God to use me in ministering to those around me.

"For such a time as this." Mordecai's words to Esther also apply to each of us as we go about our simple or rather too complicated days.

God gives us opportunities to be in each other's lives and help those in need. The angry co-worker has something to pray for, the woman trying to push her cart through a snow-covered lot just needs a hand and a friend needs an afternoon to vent.

All these things have been placed before us. What do we do?

Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 5:14-15, "And we urge you, brethren, admonish the unruly, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with all men. See that no one repays another with evil for evil, but always seek after that which is good for one another and for all men."

Reading the examples Jesus set for us, he stopped to listen to the blind and lame beggars, paused to spend time with children, and even looked for a woman in the crowd who had touched the hem of his cloak.

His time here was so brief, and yet he looked for those in need and invested time in them.

In our desire to serve God and be more like Christ, this is a crucial piece.

I would like to challenge myself, as well as each of you, with one simple thing: Be available to those around you.

Be there to help when needed, whether someone needs a hand, needs an ear, or needs some words of encouragement.

Ministering to each other in the simplest ways is possible. This is not just the calling of missionaries, pastors, and Sunday school teachers. We should all be working to help each other.

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