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Kathy Harkner: Deer problem ‘serious’

To the editor:

The deer problem in Craig is serious and detrimental to the safety of pets and citizens of Craig.

My first bad experience with them was five years ago, on Nov. 12, which you can look up in your archives and find an article on the front page of that day's Craig Daily Press.

It has only escalated since then. Enough already. These deer are just as much of a threat as bears, cougars, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, etc., and need to be destroyed.

I have a proposal to make to the people who do not see them as a threat and to the people who refuse to go along with the proposals of the Colorado Division of Wildlife and Craig City Council per the meeting the other night at Craig City Hall that I attended.  

To these people, whom, in my opinion, are living a very sheltered life in their own little world, you guys can establish and maintain a fund to assist victims of deer attacks with vet bills, compensation for pets that are killed and for human victims and their families, as this is inevitable to happen in the very near future.

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Trust me, I know, as I have encountered these aggressive wild animals also known as deer, and it's scary. I am afraid every time I have to go outdoors and am always looking in every direction, as the deer are out here, 24/7, 12 months out of the year.

I have lived in my present home for nearly 27 years and have been watching the escalation of the problem.

The herd in Craig is multiplying at the rate of two and three fawns, per doe, per year.

You do the math. And, none of them leave; they continue to live inside the city limits and keep multiplying.

Hello? Let's wake up and smell the coffee beans before another pet has to suffer and a citizen gets injured or killed. This is not a laughing matter and needs to be taken care of, preferably yesterday. 


Kathy Harkner

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