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Kathy Bassett: Windy conditions ripe for bad hair day

A friend of mine called me from Arizona a few days ago. She was laughing so hard I couldn't understand what she was saying, so I asked her take a deep breath, slow down and repeat.

You would just have to know this gal. She loves to "sit in the swing," so to speak, and just talk or listen, and she is a person who you can be comfortable with no matter what is said. Whenever we are together, we both laugh until we lose our breath.

But, laughing is good for the soul.

She has just finished writing a book and is so excited because she had gotten her first proofs back and can't wait for it to go out on bookstore shelves. 

Her mind was wheeling along at 90 miles an hour and while one side of her brain was proofreading, the other half was thinking about seeing her book in the stores. So being the sort of gal she is, she grabbed up the book, dashed out to her truck and headed to town to ask questions at local bookstores and run by the bank to give them her life's history and the color of her underwear.

Wait a minute. You may ask, why would she do that?

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Well, simple. She had stopped in there a few days earlier to tell them that she might be getting lots of checks and ask for information, and they told her she needed to bring them a copy of the book and all kinds of papers and other information, which she felt was a little bit on the nosey, unnecessary side, but oh well.

That's life in the big city, and since she wants everything to run like a well-oiled machine, she was abiding by their rules.  

And, of course, every place she went, she carried the book conspicuously where everyone could read the title.

She ran by the bookstores, asked questions and stopped off to pick up a few things at Walmart, and then headed back home. Boy, was she excited.

Well, that is until she looked in the mirror. That is when she started hee-hawing until she couldn't stop.

She called to say, "Picture this: Here I am flying down the street, running in and out of stores, going to the bank, and now I realize why people were looking at me strangely."

She had gotten up that morning and not bothered to comb her hair all day. She said it was sticking up all over the place. She was wearing her favorite T-shirt that says, "Face Your Fears!" and has a big steer head on it with red glowing eyes.  

The book was right where everyone could see the title, "The Normal Side of Insanity!"  

It got me to thinking about how many times this has happened to many of us.

Just a couple of weeks ago, a fellow came to the door to ask some questions about a truck. I had heard about this guy for years, but never met him, and I've wanted to many times because his family goes way back, and I've read several books on this family.

So, after he left, I was walking through the house, only to catch a glimpse of "me in the mirror" and almost croaked.

Yeppers, I had been out in the wind that day, feeding cows, calves and horses, and every hair on my head was sticking straight up and around and backward, just like the wind put it there.  

Oh, how embarrassing. Oh well. Women think of these things, but you know we have always heard how important first impressions are.

I'm sure the neighbor will always remember me as Mrs. Einstein who answered the door. My daughter has often remarked that if she could go back in time, one of the first things she would do would be to comb Einstein's hair! Well, I wish she had been here that day to comb mine.

But, I guess it could be worse. One of the more popular things these days are the People of Walmart. You are never to go to Walmart without your camera because you never know what you might see, and the company invites all photographers to send in their entries.

You might win a $100 gift certificate. You want to make a sad day into a gleefully funny day? Visit http://www.peopleofwalmart.com.

You won't believe it. I haven't ever seen anything like this in Craig to take pictures of. Maybe Craig folks have a little more pride in appearances. Ya just gotta love small towns!  

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