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Kathy Bassett: Lovin’ Maybell

Kathy Bassett

Maybell is a ranching community 30 miles west of Craig.

The population is less than 100. It is an unincorporated community governed by the Moffat County Commissioners, who provide the streets and roads and have a county shop located in Maybell, along with law enforcement, library, ambulance services, and a small all-volunteer fire department.

There is a church, post office, one small mercantile, one small motel and a hotel, which was built in 1894.

Maybell has the last "one room" school left in Colorado. A new restaurant named Lou's opened earlier this fall and seems to stay quite busy.

As U.S. Highway 40 falls under the Colorado Department of Transportation, we also have a State Highway Shop located here. Members of the community belong to several various service organizations and governing boards.

Maybell has a small, much used community center owned by Moffat County and governed by an appointed board.

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The Maybell Women's Club, started in 1911, coordinates and runs many functions throughout the year to help bring in funds for the community and has done some mighty nice things for people.

I think sometimes they aren't given the recognition they deserve for the things they do.

I will say right here, thank you.

The club publishes a newsletter September through June called the Maybell Gazette.

It contains news items about people living in the area, meeting dates and times, and general information for those who live here.

It includes pages written by individuals in the surrounding area. Approximately 160 newsletters are mailed each of the 10 months they publish.

The Maybell Women's Club covers the cost, but numerous individuals in the area also donate money, stamps and materials to the newsletter.

If you would like to read this newsletter, please visit http://www.maybellwomensclub.com.

The Web site was designed and is maintained by Marilyn Barnwell and Suzy Naschansky at http://www.nozipcode.com.

The fun part about living in Maybell is all about the people.

They are fun-loving, warm and generous. Of course, you have your grouches, but doesn't every town? So what? We still love the grouchy ones, too.

We have people who volunteer to help, and those who sit back and complain about how things are done. Doesn't every town own a few of those?

Yeppers! We love them, too.

So having given you all a brief picture of our wonderful Maybell, I wanted to tell you that the Maybell seniors once again hosted chili suppers at the community center for the many hunters who camped in our park and passed through town.

One hunter said he could smell our good food clear over in the park.

We always look forward to these suppers because they are a real hoot and provide much entertainment. Many of the locals also attend and support the suppers.

There were even folks from Steamboat Springs and Craig who came to munch and crunch. Oh, fun!

Charlene Scott made beef chili and Dottie Petrini made elk/venison chili. Those hunters couldn't get enough of the delicious chili.

I saw one feller get up four times and dish up Dottie's chili. She told him it was "road kill" chili and he said it was the best road kill he'd ever tasted.

Other local ladies made pies, more pies and oh, did I mention they made pie?


Another gal made cornbread and homemade dinner rolls. Several of the local ladies stepped up to the plate and helped dish and serve the food and made sure the hunters were taken care of. It was a great success. Thanks to all the ladies who baked and helped.

Listening to the hunters as they visited and met new friends, joked and told their stories makes it all worthwhile.

Amongst the buzz, one could hear stories about "cougars" only three feet away that roared, and bears that stood up on their hind legs. There were elk stories, deer stories, and "Where you from, buddy?"

Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Front Range, Arizona, California, you name it.

One hunter got to giggling and then couldn't quit.

Pretty soon, the whole table was giggling. Then the room giggled. I wanted to go see if Dottie had put a "giggle pill" in her chili.

I never did get to hear what made him start giggling, but after he finally got stopped, one of his pals said, "I can see it is going to be a lonnnnnnnng week!"

We wished all the hunters well as they left, and most of them said they'd be back next year.

We love our teensy town!

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