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Kandice Torno: A life on skates

Kandice Torno, 29, has played for the Craig Puck Ewes women's hockey team since the 2006 season. Also while working at the Moffat County Ice Arena, Torno drives the Zamboni.

"They are all waving at you. Everyone wants to wave at the Zamboni driver.

I moved here in June because I was a teacher last year, but I lost my job in Rangely, so Craig was the first place I found a job.

Maintenance, parks and rec stuff. Same stuff I was doing before I taught.

I went to school in Rangely, and I've been there the whole time, except for when I went to college.

It's nice to be able to go out on the ice if I want to. I usually don't because I try to keep work and play separate.

I've run mowers and tractors and everything for as long as I've worked, so it's just another piece of equipment to me.

I went to Colorado North¬western to get my associate, and I finished at Mesa State. I did one year at Adams State.

I played outdoor inline in college. I just loved it.

Craig was an easy transition for me, because I had been playing here the last four years. I just drove back and forth from Rangely.

When I started playing as a kid, we only had one guy who played goalie, so we were always short.

'Til I fall apart. 'Til I can't play any more.

I played ice hockey in Vernal (Utah), coed. I wanted to try women's, and Craig was the closest place that had a team.

I played roller hockey as a kid. Fifteen, 16 was when I started playing.

A lot of people see me here and know who I am.

We just played in shoes. He used a catcher's mitt.

I thought, 'I'll give it a try, just so we'll have two.'

Stephanie Beckett's kids saw me drive the Zamboni and they asked their mom, 'Kandice is not playing goalie anymore?'

I just kind of stuck with it.

I'm actually moving to Denver in the spring.

I can play any position out there. I know where I'm supposed to be on the ice.

It was easy because both are small towns. Craig really feels like a bigger Rangely to me.

It was easy because I knew a lot of people from coming up and playing on weekends.

I just love goalie the best. I feel that I'm the best at that position.

To me, it's way more fun to try to stop someone's shot than it is to just put it in the net.

I'll miss the small community feel, definitely.

I'm going to hate the traffic.

I was actually really nervous the first time I did it in front of people, because everybody was watching me.

I jumped in one time, and I loved it.

My legs were shaking.

You just try to not wave at the little kids as you go by. You have to concentrate, so you don't run into the corners.

She said 'No, she still plays goalie.' They thought that was my new job, driving the Zamboni.

It's been a nice change. I miss a lot of people from Rangely, but it comes with moving.

Interview by Ben Bulkeley