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Kaci Doolin: Craig needs mining jobs

To the editor:

I'm very concerned with what you are doing to Colorado mining jobs. My husband is a coal miner, like most people who live in Northwest Colorado are.

These men work very hard for an honest living to provide a stable life for their families and to provide affordable energy to hard working Americans.

Turning the Front Range power plants into gas would put so many hard working men out of jobs.

This would be detrimental to our county as well as Routt County.

Twentymile Coal provides coal to one of the Front Range power plants. This is going to put more Colorado homes in foreclosure and have more families needing government assistance.

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Not only do coal miners work very hard, they also make great money.

These men will not find jobs that will support their lifestyles.They also carry one of the best insurance plans around. So, now more families will need assistance with insurance. You guys only worry about your self-interest and the money in your pockets. My husband and other miners work where white-collar people have never thought of working.

Every dollar they make is deserved. Also, every dollar they spend goes back into our local economy.

Coal is the leading low-cost fuel that currently generates 50 percent of America's energy needs. The stability and affordability of coal gives average Americans a break on electricity.

I thought we should be keeping things affordable while the economy is so broken.

Gas is a very expensive way to go when our coal industry has kept Colorado surviving in these hard times.

Today, if you arrived in Craig, you would see a rural area that thrives on our coal mines and power plants.

This town would be deserted without them.

Kaci Doolin

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