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Junk Advisory Committee organizes survey

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A short survey will be made available to Moffat County residents asking questions concerning the creation of a countywide Junk Ordinance.
The survey will appear in Friday and Saturday’s editions of the Craig Daily Press, and the results will help determine what direction the process of creating the ordinance takes, or if it will continue at all.
The survey was created by the Junk Ordinance Advisory Board.
At Tuesday’s meeting, the board narrowed the survey to five questions from 28 possibilities, combing some questions into one or eliminating those questions that appeared to lead the respondent.
“We tried hard not to put in any leading questions, and yet ask the questions that will still get us what we needed,” Kandy Kropinak, advisory board member, said. “Our main concern is finding a way to resolve the issue and still protect private propert rights. “We’re just gathering info form folks in the county on what direction they want to go in. We’re hoping to get a lot of responses.”
One of the questions concentrates on what Moffat County residents know is available to them for dealing with large or complicated items.
“A lot of people don’t know about how to get rid of a lot of stuff, like fridges,” board member Delia Eisenhauer said. “Others don’t know what to do it costs $65 to have a fridge picked up, and if they don’t have the money, they can’t take care of it. That’s where a lot of this stuff comes from.”
Eisenhauer thinks dispersing information on what assistance or resources are available would make a large impact on the appearance of junk in the county, especially those who live in the more distant communities.
“If we help people get rid of this stuff, or showed them how, I think people would use their own judgement and get rid of these things,” she said.
This process is also important so that whatever direction is taken, including the decision to not to create an ordinance, the committee will accurately reflect what Moffat County wants or doesn’t want from this process, according to Glenda Bellio, board member.
“Our hope is we get a lot of responses so someone can’t come back and say ‘that’s not what the county wanted,'” Bellio said. “We want to be sure that we end up with what the county wants, not just what a majority of the committee wants.
“We put together generic questions that wouldn’t lead to a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, but would get a person’s basic opinion on the ordinance.”
This process is being done to create something that is valuable and useful for the county, said Moffat County Commissioner Marianna Raftopoulos.
“This is another indicator we will use, along with input from the public meetings, as another step toward how this issue should be addressed for our county,” she said.
Raftopoulos was pleased on how well the committee members had researched the issue on their own, and complemented Moffat County Planning Director Sue Graler for her research into other county’s junk ordinances and related state statutes.
“We want to gather information, analyze it, and see where we should be going. We really hope people will participate.”
The survey will appear in the Oct. 19 and 20 editions of the Craig Daily Press, and responses can be returned by mail or dropped off at the Moffat County Planning Department, 200 W. Victory Way, Craig, CO 81625.
The survey is also available online at: http://www.co.moffat.co.us, or e-mail responses to: mcplanning@amigo.net.
Responses will be accepted until Nov. 5.
For more information on the survey or the Junk Ordinance Advisory Committee, call the Planning Department at 824-9160.

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