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Julie Dempster: Deer need to be moved

To the editor:

What stops my heart cold while walking down the street is coming upon a group of two or three bucks standing still, watching me.

It happens quite a bit. I tell myself they only attack when provoked, and I keep walking. But, I certainly quicken my pace and keep an eye over my shoulder. 

A scene somehow more disturbing: two stiff-legged bucks stumbling around my yard one morning that are obviously either diseased or possibly poisoned. 

How am I to know whether a sick deer won't charge me or my kids? And, why am I afraid of becoming a target in my own yard?

These animals seem to be born and raised here and know no other home. I loved them when they were few and kept a proper distance, but no one can deny they're growing both in number and in boldness.

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Is there a way to at least control the population? Perhaps by removing the males to curtail breeding and somehow keep the city a "buck-free" zone? Do we dare wait to act until someone is actually attacked? I've seen a doe attack a medium size dog in self-defense, and I can't help but picture an errant child in that situation. I fear it's only a matter of time before that happens.

Julie Dempster

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