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Judy Laib: Send troops, Obama

— To the editor:

Thank you for allowing those concerned about our country to voice their opinions. I especially want to thank John Kinkaid for his recent "letter to the president."

He was the voice of so many of us.

I, too, would like to tell the president my thoughts.

Mr. President, like so many of us who dearly love this country and have roots that go back to our great grandparents and earlier, we want you to know we care about this great land. Having traveled to three other continents, I can tell you firsthand, there is no place in the world as wonderful as America.

Personally, I am extremely proud to be an American.

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I believe in helping other countries in fighting terrorists when absolutely necessary.

Yes, I called them terrorists because that is exactly what they are.

I can again tell you firsthand, I am proud to have a son in the military, who is on his second tour in Afghanistan, even as I write this. His first tour was rough, but I understand things are so much more dangerous this time.

Why are you dragging your feet to lead as commander in chief? You haven't gone slowly about anything else you've done.

You have taken much too long to decide to send the 40,000 troops General McChrystal has asked for. He knows what's needed over there. After all, he is in the thick of things.

Surely your "advisers" don't know more that McChrystal. You were elected president, not them.

Anyone on the left is totally out of touch with reality. The message you are sending is that you care more about the evil ones in the Middle East than you do our American troops.

I have a question, Mr. President.

What if one of your daughters was in the American military in Afghanistan right now? Can you honestly tell me you would be dragging your feet?

No, you would not.

You would have made the decision to go along with General McChrystal's request months ago. You owe it to all the American military in Afghanistan to give them the manpower they need and allow them to accomplish what they were sent there to do, or bring them home, before any more of them lose their lives.

As president, you are responsible to be the commander in chief of the military.

We, the American people, want you to do what you were elected to do. We, as a nation, do not need you to be part of the problem.

Our service men and women deserve better.

Judy Laib

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