Jordan Harmon: Exercising free speech |

Jordan Harmon: Exercising free speech

To the editor:

My name is Jordan Harmon. I am 14 years old.

I am the eighth-grader at Craig Middle School who asked my dad to contact the ACLU.

I am not ashamed by it, either, because I was told I could not wear the "I heart boobies" bracelets that I bought with my own money for several people I love who I have either lost or is fighting cancer, still.

A lot of people do not know, but I suffer from a disease they found out I had when I was 9 years old.

And although mine is not cancer, I know what it feels like to fight a battle you don't know if you're going win or lose, and seeing what it puts your families and friends through emotionally and financially.

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And, if I can support and show people they are not alone and are loved, I will do it.

I am not doing this because I hate Mrs. Hafey. I do like Mrs. Hafey.

She is a very nice person and does a lot for a lot of people, including myself. We just have different views on things, but there are some things we do not agree on.

But, this is something I believe in, and my parents have taught me to stand up for what I believe in.

I was not doing anything wrong the day I was asked to remove my bracelets by another teacher.

I was getting medication for a headache that comes with the disease I have.

I have never told anybody about my disease until now, but I want people to know I do support people with incurable diseases.

I have lost a few family members due to cancer and I have educated myself before wearing these and even buying these bracelets because I was not sure what they meant at first.

At first, I thought they meant perverted things as well, but in educating myself, I wear them proudly for the friends and family I have fighting or who have lost this battle.

Thank you and hope you all understand this is not a revenge thing. It's a young person standing up for what they believe and using the rights I was given.

Our parents, grandparents and teachers teach us we have the right to stand up for what we believe, but when we do we are shot down and told we can't.

Jordan Harmon, age 14

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