Johnson announces re-election bid for County Clerk position |

Johnson announces re-election bid for County Clerk position

Ryan Sheridan

Beverly Johnson has been a Moffat County employee for 24 years, and is hoping to celebrate her 25th year by being re-elected as Moffat County Clerk and Recorder.

Johnson has worked in the Clerk and Recorder’s Office since 1978, and was first elected County Clerk in 1999.

“It is a challenging job. It’s never boring,” Johnson said. “Every day we deal with a new question or problem. The election process is the most interesting and challenging part of the job.

“My number one goal it to make sure when the public comes in, they get the best service that can be provided.”

The office handles elections, property records and deeds, the Department of Motor Vehicles, liquor licenses, and the records of the County Commissioners.

According to Johnson, there are several projects that are still being implemented that being re-elected would allow her complete.

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“One big thing I’d like to finish is scanning our records onto CD-ROM,” she said. “Some of the older real estate records are so fragile, and we need to keep this information forever.”

Equipping the office to run on Windows operating systems is another transition Johnson would like to complete.

“When we had to do the work to become Y2K compliant, we installed Windows,” she said. “We’re working on having it help with elections, and to help make sure the public is well served.”

Downloading images and data so they can be accessed electronically is another effort in progress, Johnson said.

According to Johnson, the working knowledge she has amassed during her service, combined with what she’s learned attending seminars and workshops, make her a competent and qualified candidate.

“A county clerk needs to keep up on all the laws and statutes that cover recording, elections, handling records and licenses,” she said. “I’m constantly learning to be able to keep up with the laws.

“I enjoy this job so much, and I love living in Moffat County. It’s a great place to raise kids and grandkids. I want to continue to be a part of our community as County Clerk.”

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