John Williams: The truth about the tea party |

John Williams: The truth about the tea party

To the editor:

A recent satirical cartoon in the Daily Press about the tea party has prompted this letter.

As a tea party member and supporter here are a few observations. Contrary to what the liberal lap dog media would have you believe this is the bulk of what the tea party stands for, fiscal responsibility by our government, constitutionally limited government (set up by our founders to keep the federal government from becoming the mess it is today) and a free market economic system.

Is the free market system perfect? No, but it provides the greatest number of people the greatest number of opportunities to succeed; unlike the mediocrity of socialism.

Tea party members believe in personal responsibility where you take care of yourself and your family so future generations don't have to pay for it later, they start each meeting with the pledge of allegiance and a prayer, they are not racist and they are not violent. Pretty radical stuff huh?

Compare the liberal version the lame stream media claims is just like the tea party.

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OWSL (occupy Wall Street loons) they have no real agenda other than distracting people from what is really going on. They were produced by the left and provided for by the left including avowed socialist George Soros and his and from at least one public service union.

Remember Soros is a frequent visitor to the Obama White House.

People should be able to tell the difference between the two groups, the OWSL would be the ones that are urinating and defecating on police cars, requiring a fortune in taxpayer money for law enforcement and property damage; the ones not smart enough to figure out they are being used as pawns and that they couldn't even Tweet to each other without the people they are protesting against.

Compare the Democrat party, the party that voted to remove all mention of God from the party platform, seems to think that the Constitution is to be followed only if it benefits them and always tries to blame someone else for the problems they themselves create.

Democrats are always quick to point out the great performance of Bill Clinton but never mention the fact that the GOP was in control the last 6 years of the Clinton Presidency. The Democrats passed the largest entitlement bill in the history of our country, never read the bill, exempted themselves and many of their cronies from it and according to Democrat leadership they had to pass the bill just to see what was in it.

And finally the party where the already fine line between liberalism and socialism is so blurred one can't tell how they lean. One thing is for certain the Democrat party has been hijacked by the far left.

Many rank and file members that I have spoke to have left the party for this reason.

Personal and government responsibility with a free market system can't be all bad so I think I will stick with the tea party.

John Williams

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