John Williams: Nation facing a threat |

John Williams: Nation facing a threat

To the editor:

After attending a moving Veterans Day memorial, I would like to thank veterans past, present and future for their service to our country and our way of life. Thank you.

Let's make sure their sacrifices were not in vain.

Americans need to wake up to the fact that we are facing the greatest threat in our nation's history to our freedoms and way of life.

This comes in the form of socialism and it is being pushed on us from the highest levels of our government up to and especially from Barack Obama.

The Democratic Party has been hijacked by the far left and their socialist agenda is clear.

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Socialists no longer need to run; they need only to vote Democrat on the ballet. The only vision that Barack Obama holds for this great country is that of a socialist welfare state.

One needs only to look at his record, or lack there of, for proof. Look at the OWS loons and their agenda; they give pleasant dreams to despots and dictators everywhere.

It has long been said that socialism comes around the easiest when the masses start asking for it. In their ignorance and hypocrisy that is just what these fools are doing.

They are puppets and not smart enough to see it, they are — nothing more than a social engineering project by the far left.

Consider the following: We have a Democratic Secretary of State with presidential aspirations who is working with the UN on global gun control, with the intention of an end run around the Second Amendment, along with a president who would gleefully sign anything anti-gun.

A government that doesn't trust law-abiding citizens with guns cannot be trusted itself.

A sitting Democratic senator who has publicly stated the news media has an obligation to censor groups like the tea party (this would be your First Amendment, and anyone who disagrees with the left should be censored).

A sitting Democratic congressman who has publicly stated and urges the president to ignore Congress and just do whatever he wants by executive fiat, we the people elected the Congress to represent us (can anyone say dictator?).

A sitting Democratic senator has publicly called for the people to take to the streets (OWS was asked for and provided by the far left). Democratic representatives from some states, rather than do their jobs, run and hide, not for the public service workers as they would have you believe (they don't care about the workers) but for the union dues that provide Democrats a tremendous amount of money.

The NLRB has been stacked by Barack Obama with ex-labor union lawyers to try and control and get as many union workers paying dues as possible so the incestuous relationship between labor unions and the Democratic party can continue, the majority of rank and file union workers are being forced to pay for political candidates and causes that they have no say in and don't support.

John Williams

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