John Williams: Consequences of actions |

John Williams: Consequences of actions

To the editor:

Politicians in general and the far left in particular either don't care or don't know the consequences of actions they take today and what those same actions will cause in the future.

The attempt by the Obama administration, the Pelosi/Reid puppets, and the rest of the liberal lemmings that follow in tow to try and cram this plan down the throats of the American people is one of the most blatant crimes against the people to happen in years.

The spin out of Washington, D.C., that they are taking on the insurance companies and are going to make them fall in line is a joke.

Consider approximately 70 percent of campaign donations from the health insurance companies went to Democrats, and think of the closed-door meetings with insurance executives. Then think if you owned a business and the government mandated you were going to get 30 million to 40 million new customers that had no choice but to buy your product. The insurance companies are jumping with joy.

Entitlement programs are killing this country; this one would be the final blow to a system that already is on life support.

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Entitlement programs breed dependence on someone else, and dependence leads to control. They remove the incentive from people to try and better themselves; why bother if someone else is going to do it for you? Someone who depends on someone else for something always winds up being controlled by the ones they depend on. This is especially true with the government.

We need less government control, not more.

The plan that passed the senate wouldn't have gotten that far if they hadn't used taxpayer money to bribe key senators.

In February 2009, I had the opportunity to be on a cruise ship for two weeks. The passengers were 80 percent British and Canadian. I took the time to ask as many as possible what their opinions were on the programs in their own countries. Nine out of 10 said taxes to support it were very expensive, and the waits were very long; it could take years to get a hip replaced or your problem may not fit the government's idea of what should be covered (i.e., you're too old). They strongly recommend against us doing it.

Let the states deal with this. Set it up in the form of a coop with a PUC oversight to control costs — that is how your electric and natural gas is handled. If we agree that these are basic needs, then do the same with health insurance, if it is a basic need. Keep the federal government out of it.

This would sooner or later wind up as a one-payer system (the government), and in order to save money, they will cut the benefit to you and/or raise taxes more. They will have you over a barrel and there will be nothing you can do about it. That is control and you lose.

Now is the time to stop it.

John Williams

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