John Ponikvar: Danner’s actions |

John Ponikvar: Danner’s actions

To the editor:

Today, I have contacted the Office of Special Counsel in Washington D.C. to ask for an advisory opinion regarding the Hatch Act and candidacy of Audrey Danner for Moffat County commissioner, District 2.

In light of recent revelations instigated by commissioner Danner, concerning the campaigns of K.C. Hume for county coroner and Lila Herod for county clerk and recorder, about how the Hatch Act applies to them, it appears that commissioner Danner being appointed as opposed to an actual elected official also may be in violation of the act.

In an effort to undermine the campaigns of Mr. Hume and Ms. Herod, Commissioner Danner, with the help of county attorney Kathleen Taylor, has chosen to raise issues that involve an archaic federal act known as the Hatch Act.

The Moffat County commissioners, by accepting federal funds for mandated new voting equipment and moneys to fund sheriff's department activities, unintentionally have limited the opportunities for some of their employees. Acceptance of these funds will, in the future, impact the number and quality of candidates for local offices.

Commissioner Danner, in her zeal to pursue this matter, ignored the transparency of the Sunshine Law by meeting with the other commissioners privately, discussing issues about county employees without their being notified. She also sent out "confidential" memos in total disregard of the employee's involved or proper public process.

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Commissioner Danner chooses to hold others to a higher standard than she does herself. She continues to be active in conversations and decisions on issues and with boards that she is in clear conflict.

I am surprised and deeply saddened that commissioner Danner would lower herself to such political games and compromise the integrity of her office.

John Ponikvar

Chairman, Moffat County Republican Central Committee

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