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John Pogline: No means no

To the editor:To the editor:

To the editor:

It seems that there are still people out there that still do not know what no means. Let me reiterate: The majority of voters vote not to allow the growth and sales of recreational pot. This means no. Then, not enough signatures are obtained to put pot up for vote. Again, this means no. Then the city council has a tie vote on whether or not to put the pot vote on the next ballot. Again, this means no. And the city rules are: If it is a tie vote, it does not pass. This is the rule, it is not unconstitutional. So, in all of these instances, the people are saying "no pot."

And contrary to what some believe, denial of allowing the growth and/or the sales of recreational pot is not telling anyone they are not willing to help bring jobs to Craig. It is saying that people here are responsible enough to say we do not need to sell drugs to survive. It is saying we do not want to expose our young to pot in this community or to exemplify selling drugs is okay if you need money.

John PoglineJohn Pogline

John Pogline