John Kinkaid: Make ‘our voices heard’ |

John Kinkaid: Make ‘our voices heard’

To the editor:

We have, looming before us, what is termed the largest income tax hike in the history of the United States on Jan. 1. On Dec. 31, the Bush tax "cuts" end.

Your take home pay will take a huge hit, at a time when you can probably little afford it. The IRS is waiting for Congress to act (or not). There is, by one estimate, only one week for Congressional action before it's too late for the IRS to make changes in time for 2011.

We need to make our voices heard. No more class warfare. No new income tax increases for all Americans, period. And cut the out-of-control federal spending. Now, all new highway signs across the entire country have just been mandated. You have got to be kidding. Who's making out on that deal?

Next year, let's have adult conversations about how we address social security and Medicare, instead of kicking those cans down the road. But, this week tackle this.

Dear Senators Udall and Bennet, and Congressman Salazar: Make the so-called tax "cuts" permanent for everyone within the next week, so they can be in place for Jan. 1.

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John Kinkaid

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